Cosmetic LCN Nail Reconstruction


Who can benefit from Nail Reconstruction?

Have you suffered from :

Sports, hiking or work injuries

Thickened or fungal nails

Discoloured or damaged toenails?

Or do you need 'beach ready' feet or perfect nails for that holiday or special occasion.

LCN nail reconstruction can give you natural looking cosmetic results.

Modern cosmetic toe nail correction

LCN nail reconstruction is an innovative, high performance footcare solution from Germany.  LCN's Wilde-Pedique Silver Plus was developed specifically for corrective and restorative toe nail treatments.  It is possible to create a natural looking nail which feels completely natural and will grow out on the recovering nail plate underneath.  The finished nail is non porous, light, flexible and extremely durable.

The photographs in the gallery below show the transformation.

Reconstructing a nail

  • The damaged toenail plate/bed is prepared to receive the colour matched resin
  • Nail is then modeled with Wilde-Pedique Silver Plus and the shape determined
  • Material is cured in a special light unit for two minutes at a time
  • LED light is not harmful and doesn't cause any changes to the skin
  • Nail is finished with a subtle surface shine for a natural look or a French finish